Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a set of industrial techniques aimed at creating the so-called prototype, or “the first element of the series”, which can be used to evaluate cycle times and market response, allowing the production of models to be validated with timings of up to 4 times. lower than traditional techniques.

With rapid prototyping techniques, working by adding material, it is possible to obtain even very complex shapes, sometimes difficult to achieve with traditional processes, ideal especially for small series production.

Mechinno is able to support you in all phases of concept and product development by having access to various prototyping technologies such as:

  1. Sintering

– Plastics
– Rubber
– Metals

We have different powders available, even with a temperature resistance capacity of up to 180 ° C. Aesthetic components can be made, with finishes representative of a series production; components with high mechanical resistance can also be made.

  1. Rapid casting:

We can make castings / components with final material, including mechanical machining, suitable for the validation of a project / group in a short time. The main raw materials are:

– Titanium
– Steel
– Cast iron

  1. Thermoforming of plastic materials
  2. Ureol molds for making small carbon series (3/4 pieces)
  3. Carbon molds for bodywork or carbon parts for series> 20 pieces
  4. CNC machining for parts machined from solid in Aluminum, Titanium, Steel
  5. General mechanical processing