Mechinno provides the best solutions for every request that requires engineering innovation and mechanical design.

Our vast portfolio of technical skills and highly specialized resources qualifies us as a strategic asset for the development of complex engineering projects.

Customers communicate to us the project specifications or necessary requirements and in Mechinno we activate the process of identifying the skills and expertise necessary to achieve the desired result.

To better serve the demands of our customers, Mechinno developed three different approaches that vary according to the activity required.

Projects On Site (POS)

Mechinno accompanies customers in achieving their goals, providing know-how and experience to develop the activities of very complex engineering projects.

The transversal skills of our resources are often required to arrive at the desired solution by optimizing the process.

The On Site service, directly at the customer’s premises, offers the guarantee of a customized service. Our customers know they can rely on our recognized professionalism and the high technical level of our specialized staff.

Projects In House (PIH)

We take care of the customer’s activities directly in our premises.

Mechinno resources work on the specifications provided by the customer under the supervision of the Project Manager, who will be the point of reference and direct contact with the customer. This approach allows clear and fluid communication between the parties, and avoids a dispersion of information.

This service saves the cost of workstations from the customer and optimizes the work of resources, ensuring certainty in timing.

We guarantee your privacy: our structure is divided into work environments dedicated to individual customers and avoids the risk of inadvertent disclosure of confidential data.

Turnkey Projects (TP)

Turning to Mechinno means all around engineering and innovation. Proven skills, trust and data confidentiality are the basis for a turnkey project.

Starting from a phase of listening to the customer’s needs, Mechinno develops timely and complete engineering projects: from concept design to planning, from the procurement of materials to industrialization.

A Project Manager who is competent in planning and project management will be assigned to the project and will view and manage it in all the stages of its progress.

The Project Manager will act as the only interface with the customer, who will be updated with organized design reviews that guarantee total transparency on the evolution of the project and the achievement of milestones.

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