Our first prototype has been produced.

Ingegnere controlla pacchi

The rapid prototyping is the new Mechinno’ service, and a challenge we have been able to take up and win.

Thanks to the mechanical reliability built up since 2006, Mechinno has won the trust of several well-known highly engineered companies: we can count among our clients one of the Italian leaders in the “Packaging Valley”

Our client asked for a prototype of a semi-automatic taping machine that must had been able to adapt automatically its structure to seal random size boxes and leave at the operator the only task to load the machine with the box to seal.

Mechinno provides services of turnkey projects. The process starts from the analysis of the existent materials in order to rationalize the product range.

We have installed automatic sensors to detect box’s dimension and location and we have set up actuators to adjust the machine’s structure via compressed air.

After the design stage, we focused on prototyping phase that ended whit the assembly of the carry over components provided from our client with new components defined by Mechinno

We spent only four months from the beginning of the project to the acceptance test of the semi-automatic taping machine.

The key to succeed in our project was the fusion between the mechanical know-how we have in Mechinno and the client’s PLC software.

The prototype has exceed the client’s expectation and it is in production.

Mechinno is now ready to take new challenges in the prototyping field.