Mission and Company Values

Mechinno is the union of the words Mechanical Innovation.
A name that from our birth in 2006 summarizes a mission: to offer our customers the best engineering consulting service.

The Automotive and Industrial Machinery markets are very demanding from the point of view of the skills and timing. Combining innovation and mechanics, we offer to our customers the know-how, the technical expertise and the flexibility needed to reach their most ambitious goals.

We aim to be the main reference in the field of engineering consulting and mechanical design.

At the heart of our company are the people who make it and support it: we try to create a positive, satisfying and stimulating working environment that promotes the growth of each of our resources.
In a world of evolving and transforming technologies, professional training becomes a major asset in the experience we offer to our people.

Mechinno’s work begins with the careful listening and analysis of the customer’s needs, which we feel is essential to assign an experienced Project Manager, who will manage our resources and deal with the reports in order to ensure a constant assistance and a good support to the client.

Our engineers and our technicians are reliable consultants able to guide you to the best solution. They are brilliant, young designers who are really enthusiastic about every stage of product development, from concept support to project verification, to prototype delivery.

The constant work of our staff – even in international contexts -,our knowledge of project management concepts and quality management principles allow us to integrate perfectly into highly qualified product development environments.

Our facility allows us to carry on both onsite projects and outsourcing projects.