Mechinno is a company that combines mechanics and innovation, with the aim of offering a punctual and complete consulting and engineering service.

Mechinno was born in 2006, giving life to the ambitious project of the Entrepreneur Fabio Di Martino with his business partner, the technician Gianni Fabbretti.

The know-how, technical competence and right flexibility qualify Mechinno as an important strategic asset for automotive, industrial machinery and agriculture projects.

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We put our many years of experience at the customers’ disposal to offer them an engineering and design service that exceeds their expectations.

Customers’ satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Automotive, Agriculture and Industrial Machinery are only a few of the sectors in which our high-level technical skills find a successful application. We guarantee a high quality service even in case of hectic and tight deadlines.


From the support in the concept phase and the verification of the project up to the delivery of the prototype, Mechinno is by your side.


The in house development of an academy, the constant training of our team and the care for details guarantee cutting-edge solutions without compromise to our partners.


Our many years of experience on the territory and the constant training of our team allow us to guarantee professionalism and innovative solutions at every stage of the product development.


We meet our customers’ multiple needs: the work method is developed in house or directly on site in your company.


People represent Mechinno’s heart and motivation. Our goal is to combine the clients’ satisfaction with the team’s growth.


Owner e CEO

Fabio di Martino

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Graduated in Mechanical Engineering – Department of Energetics, at the University of Florence. He complemented his education with two Master’s degrees at SDA Bocconi, “General Management, General Management and Business Success” and “From EBITDA to Shareholder Value.”

After a period of collaboration at the university within the same department where he completed his thesis, in 1998, he joined PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation), a multinational company in the CAD/PLM field, as an Implementation Consultant. In 2002, he moved to the Think3 group, taking on the role of Solution Manager, proposing and supporting the implementation of CAD, PLM, and engineering services solutions in manufacturing companies in the Italian territory. Subsequently, still within Think3, he collaborated with the Bangalore branch, managing engineering service activities between Italy and India.

Considering various experiences gained in the field, both at the Italian and international levels, and having acquired in-depth expertise in certain business/industrial processes, he decided to establish his own engineering and design services company: Mechinno, of which he is not only the founder and partner but also the Chief Executive Officer.

Owner e CIO

Gianni Fabbretti

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Graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bologna.

He began his professional journey at Siemens Telecommunications in the role of Asic Development Support Engineer. Subsequently, he joined Think3, where he held the position of System Administrator for 2 years, overseeing the IT and software development area. Starting from 1998, he focused on consulting in the Project Lifecycle Management sector: after 4 years at PTC as a Windchill consultant, and 6 years at Siemens PLM as a consultant and Teamcenter developer, he gained extensive experience in PLM across numerous different companies, particularly in the automotive field.

In 2008, he became a part of Mechinno as a partner and took on the role of Information Systems Manager. Simultaneously, he initiated the PLM division within the company, of which he is currently in charge. He is a member of the company’s Board.


Gianni Del Gobbo

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Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he began his professional journey as a Consulting Engineer in automotive & motorsport sector. Starting from 2008 for over 10 years, he worked in the agriculture and off-highway industry, gaining substantial expertise in leading companies such as Argotractors and Arbos Group. Within these organizations, he took on roles of increasing responsibility and managerial functions.

Since 2020, he has been with Mechinno in the role of Technical Director, managing the entire technical department, which consists of several teams of designers with multidisciplinary skills, particularly in the automotive, industrial machinery, and off-highway sectors. He recently completed a two-year Executive Master, adding to his educational journey. He is a member of the company’s Board.

Sales Director

Lisa Biondi

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With a master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations get at the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum), Lisa Biondi boasts two decades of experience in multinational companies, global leaders in technological innovation and digital transformation services such as Capgemini Engineering, Ericsson e Nokia. Over the years, gaining solid expertise in both financial matters and the management of cross-functional teams, she has honed specific skills in terms of business development and organizational management. She has played a key role in developing long-term relationships with top executives of major client companies, especially in the Aerospace & Defense, Railways, Energy, and Industrial Equipment sectors.
Since January 2024, she is the Sales Director of Mechinno and also a member of the company’s Board.

HR Manager

Eleonora Zodiaco

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She graduated in Law from the University of Bologna, specializing in Labor Law.

Her professional path, starting in 2002, has consistently focused on human resources, combined with experience in the social and public sector. She has held the position of HR Manager in various companies, including Gruppo Fmr-Art’è, D&C SpA, and Gruppo Prismi.

In 2019, she joined Mechinno as an HR Manager, a role she still holds, and she is a member of the company’s Board.

In 2020, she obtained the Certification of HR Manager Competencies in accordance with UNI PdR 17:2016.

Delivery Manager POS

Piero Dalla Venezia

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He graduated in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in Energy) from the University of Calabria.

After several years of collaboration, during his university studies, in his father’s independent professional activity in the naval-mechanical, yachting, and insurance fields, he began his professional journey in 2001 at Think3, a multinational software house in the CAD field. He remained with Think3 for about 10 years, holding the position of Senior Engineer. His responsibilities included technical support before and after sales, analysis, training, consulting, and assistance.

In 2010, he joined Mechinno, where he took on roles of increasing responsibility. Initially, he served as a Consultant and Project Manager, followed by 8 years as HR Manager, and in 2019, he assumed the role of Technical Delivery & Training Manager, a position he still holds.

Technical Delivery Manager

Andrea Palermo

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He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia.

After a couple of years of collaboration within his own university department, he began his professional path as an Automotive Consultant for important companies in motor sport sector.

Since 2019, he has been with Mechinno, where he has had the opportunity to grow in terms of skills and responsibilities. He transitioned from the role of Senior Project Designer to Digital Mockup Project Manager, and currently holds the position of Technical Delivery Manager.

Delivery Manager Machinery

Nicola Pistillo

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Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 at the Polytechnic University of Bari, he spent several years in Germany, both to further his education through two Master’s degrees—one in laser technologies for ceramics and the other in Business Administration—and to embark on his professional path with the German group Romaco. In Romaco’s technical department, he afterwards became a Product Manager. In 2016, he returned to Italy and joined the IMA Group in the technical and R&D area, first as a Project Manager and later as a Senior R&D Mechanical Engineer.

In May 2023, he joined Mechinno to assume the role of Delivery Manager Machinery.


It is fundamental to confirm Mechinno’ ethical vision and to state clearly our values, which principles lead us, and the responsibilities we have.

With this Ethical Code our intention is to reduce any uncertainties, to guide our behaviors, but also to give everyone who works with our Company an understanding of our underlying values.


The goal of the Quality project has been and continues to be the creation and improvement of a proper organized system around the capital of skills and experiences accumulated in Mechinno.

The commitment of the Management is focused on continuously improving the system over time and making it consistently suitable for the expectations of those most interested in its progress.


Mechinno acts in full compliance with all the quality, safety and transparency standards present in the regulations. These are our certifications:


Working with a quality system designed and certified according to the ISO 9001 standard means applying controlled, measured and optimized processes according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) technique to all business areas, providing its customers, suppliers, external partners and internal resources with the best quality.


The online platform TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) dedicated and designed to support the intercompany recognition of information safety in the automotive sector. Moreover, TISAX can be used to commission audit providers such as TÜV Italia to carry out an assessment.

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