70% of the business in Mechinno revolves around the Automotive sector: from the design and performance research of road cars, to the technical and technological excellence of racing cars.

At Mechinno we select technicians and engineers not only for their skills, but also for their passions, which they can experience and transmit in their work.

The strength of our engineers is their desire to commit and get involved in the projects.

For years, the world’s leading automotive teams have trusted us for our in-depth knowledge of products, materials and technologies.

Our structure is made up of work environments dedicated to individual customers and with controlled access: in this way we are able to guarantee total data secrecy, and avoid the risk of involuntary disclosure of confidential information.

Our skills range from feasibility studies to product industrialization, also counting on FEM, fluid dynamics and thermal calculation activities.

Our know-how extends to the evaluation and management of entire projects where the most popular CAD software, such as Catia, NX and Creo, are used.


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