Thanks to the plurality of skills developed and matured within our professional teams, today Mechinno is able to support in a timely and peculiar way the complex and very specific needs, typical of the A&D industry

Mechinno, leveraging its know-how, developed over the years in the various industrial segments, provides dedicated professionalism to support companies in a dynamic and complex sector, such as A&D, in design and product development, materials analysis and additive prototyping/production.

Aerospace & Defense is an industry full of opportunities, with great potential for growth and development. It is a very diversified sector that includes many sub-sectors and embraces several realities, from space to aeronautics and defense. Therefore it involves dealing with extremely critical aspects, such as requirements management, quality, safety e security control, compliance management according European and international regulations, workflows, and much more, on which our team can provide high added value.

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