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On June 8th, Mechinno was one of the main participants in an initiative organized by Confindustria Emilia Area Centro. The event was titled “The recruitment of personnel: coming together, aiming high, and not giving up,” and its purpose was to analyze the new trends and scenarios in the current job market, which is becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Among the speakers was our HR Manager, Eleonora Zodiaco, whose message is based on some fundamental concepts:

Recruiting is no longer solely the responsibility of a company’s HR department but is based on synergy among various company departments, including Marketing, which works closely with HR to build and convey the company’s “mood” to potential candidates as well as existing employees.

The new generation not only looks at salary and job roles but also considers welfare. In fact, this is one of Mechinno’s priorities in its HR Management strategy, implementing initiatives focused on training, career development, and well-being for its employees. While they possess healthy ambition, they also value a “work-life balance”!

You can watch a short video where Eleonora summarizes the key points of her presentation at this link: