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With the goal of gaining a better understanding of our company in terms of its organization and strategy, this time we give the floor to Maria Lanzetta, Marketing Manager for Mechinno.

D: Maria, you have always been involved in Marketing. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional journey?
R: I have been working in marketing and communication for 28 years, collaborating with various companies, both multinational and non, all operating in the technology and manufacturing sectors. These companies were diverse but all linked by a common element: innovation. I have received a lot of training, but I have also gained a lot of hands-on experience in Italy and abroad. This allowed me to develop my own expertise over time, particularly in B2B Marketing.

D: How long have you been collaborating with Mechinno, and what is the foundation of your Marketing strategy?
R: I started collaborating with Mechinno a year ago, but I was already familiar with the company and its founder, as well as his partner, who are the CEO and CIO of the company. We had worked together in previous companies, which made me feel like an integral part of the team from day one and allowed me to be operational right away. During these first 12 months, I have been working on building a marketing strategy that can effectively support Mechinno in three fundamental aspects: Brand Identity, Business Development, and Customer Retention. With the first point, the objective was and still is to increase the company’s visibility, enhance its recognizability, and promote the brand. The second crucial element of the implemented marketing strategy is based on close and constant synergy with the sales force to carry out targeted activities together, aimed at creating new business opportunities. The third point pertains to all those initiatives that allow us to retain customers and maintain long-term relationships with them. For a service-oriented company like ours, which works on significant projects even in the long run, the continuity of the relationship is crucial.

D: What are the specific activities covered by the Marketing team at Mechinno?
R: The marketing department at Mechinno covers various activities that can be divided into macro-categories: communication, through various digital channels, but also through press office management, which allows us to establish and maintain relationships with industry publications and other media, including radio and TV; targeted advertising to circulate our brand in areas of greatest interest to us; events such as fairs, conferences, or meetings with companies, which represent valuable opportunities to develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones. An important role is also played by partnerships with excellent brands, such as Ducati, or with organizations and institutions with which we create productive synergies. I think, for example, of the Motor Valley association or even Confindustria, of which Mechinno is a member. Moreover, in Mechinno, the marketing department is often involved in collaboration with the HR department, both regarding internal communication, with the aim of keeping all employees updated on company news and developments, and regarding initiatives aimed at increasing motivation and a sense of belonging. These can include both social events and internal networking, as well as team-building activities. For a service-oriented company like Mechinno, people are the most valuable resource, and ensuring their well-being and a high level of satisfaction is among the company’s priorities.

D: What are the most exciting but also challenging aspects of your job?
R: I love this job because it is varied, diversified, and characterized by multiple aspects. Certainly, the constant interaction with people, both internal and external, makes it particularly stimulating because engaging with others is always an opportunity for growth and enrichment. Furthermore, marketing techniques themselves are constantly evolving, and this is a stimulus to continue training, growing, and acquiring new skills. Despite having almost 30 years of experience, I am convinced that there is always something to learn and improve in my profession.