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With the aim of getting to know our company better in terms of its organization and strategy, this time we give the floor to Stefano Barbizzi, Quality Manager for Mechinno.

Q: Stefano, you are involved in managerial and organizational consulting and collaborate with various companies. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional journey?
A: I started in February 2001 as an employee of a consulting firm that worked on certified management systems. Later, in 2003, I started my own freelance business, registering as a self-employed professional, to continue in this field, particularly focusing on quality management systems in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001. Since then, I have continuously worked to improve myself and expand the services offered to companies, broadening the areas of intervention and the network of specialized professionals to collaborate with. One cannot be a “jack of all trades.” Each field of intervention requires basic skills and a set of specific sector-related skills of the client one collaborates with.

Q: How long have you been collaborating with Mechinno, and what does your consulting activity entail?
A: I have been collaborating with Mechinno since 2021, covering the role of Quality Management System Manager. The objective is to monitor and improve the management system, ensuring the correct implementation of internal procedures and enhancing them where necessary. The defined procedures must guarantee proper standardization and traceability of everyone’s work, simplifying activities and control in order to comply with legislative requirements and contractual agreements made with customers.

Q: What are the most stimulating but also challenging aspects of your work?
A: Working every day in different companies, in different fields, with different people, and having to face specific criticalities of the context in which one operates; although the objective is the same: implementing a management system to be certified. Translating generic regulatory constraints into efficient, effective, and applicable internal rules for the collaborating company requires the consultant to delve into the operations of each person and each company. This means that each collaboration activated leads to personal and professional growth for the consultant.

Q: In which certification paths have you supported Mechinno, and why is it important for a company to obtain these certifications?
A: When the collaboration with Mechinno started, the company had already implemented its own quality management system and had been certified for years. I replaced the previous quality system manager and have been covering that role since 2021. In general, for all companies, but especially for those operating in the automotive sector, having a management system is crucial to ensure a level of service that meets the needs of high-profile customers, such as those with whom Mechinno collaborates. Certifications are growing significantly in all sectors, and in recent years, there has been strong European attention to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) contents, which is widely recognized by the markets. Quality certification is the foundation from which to progress towards a more socially responsible company.