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We continue the interviews with our management, which increasingly allow us to trace the “Mechinno identity card”, and this time we give the floor to our Delivery Manager, Piero Dalla Venezia


Q: Piero, since when are you in Mechinno and what positions have you held over time in this company?

A: I have been working at Mechinno since 2010, initially as Project Manager for a prestigious client in the Verona area. At the time, Mechinno had a team of 12 people, but it was clear from the start that it had plenty of room for growth and that it would evolve significantly. And so it was.
In 2012, in view of the significant growth of the company’s business, the need arose to include in Mechinno a significant number of new technicians. To this end, our CEO, Fabio Di Martino, entrusted me with the responsibility of Research and Selection, first of all, and consequently of the entire management of Human Resources.
I accepted the challenge, with commitment and motivation on this new area, and with satisfaction I created and managed the HR department (Recruiting & Management) until May 2019, when Mechinno now had a staff of over 120 employees.
During these years I have managed also the Logistics and the company’s General Services, besides the Safety & Security, role that I still cover today as RSPP (Responsible of the Service of Prevention and Protection).

Q: Today your role is that of Delivery Manager. Can you tell us concretely which activities are included in your function?

A: From June 2019 I’m back on the technical side, as Delivery Manager. With this function, I essentially deal with the provision of Mechinno’s engineering consultancy, mainly, but not exclusively, for “on-site” activities. This brings together a number of related activities such as:

  • The technical definition of the project specifications together with the reference sales and customers;
  • The selection of technical resources appropriate to the activities;
  • The management of work teams and Project Managers;
  • The interface with customers and suppliers, monitoring the work and quality of services provided

Q: What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

A: The most stimulating aspect is definiteley the search for solutions, always different, to the various needs, problems, timing and even unforeseen (that never fails to come up). All this with the aim of providing the customer with a quality service, on time and according to the agreed specifications.

Undoubtedly, for this purpose flexibility and a good approach with people constitute the mix that allows you to find the solution even in complex situations.

Q: From your point of view how important is the relationship with the customer in the Mechinno “model”?

A: Customer relationship is ESSENTIAL! In fact, the daily activity of consulting can be condensed into a 50% of human relationship and the other 50% of technical skills.

In fact, this approach and this “modus operandi”, combined with flexibility and proactivity, is what allows you to take home the result in most cases. And customers appreciate it and recognize it.