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Q: Vladimiro, you have been in Mechinno for about 8 months, what are your first impressions about the company?
A: The first balances after these months are very positive. From the very beginning, Mechinno appeared to me as a “customer-centric” company, which places the customer at the centre of its decisions: this was one of the reasons that pushed me to undertake this new professional challenge. Today, after eight months, I can only confirm Mechinno’s attitude towards the market, an approach that is the basis of my commercial strategy

Q: From your point of view, what are the differentiating elements and distinctive features of Mechinno?
One of Mechinno’s main features is undoubtedly empathy, that is, the ability to listen carefully to the customer and understand their needs and requirements. Add to that versatility and speed in both making decisions and providing answers to customers. Finally, one aspect that I would define as peculiar of Mechinno’s consultants is the transversality and, at the same time, specificity of their competences.

Q: If you had to profile the average company that could use Mechinno services, what would you highlight?
A: Mechinno’s services typically meet the needs of medium to large manufacturing companies, who are looking for a partner with whom to develop their projects and products with a high standard of quality, according to their specificities. Furthermore, Mechinno customers can also benefit from “best practices” developed by our consultants in other companies, drawing value from the know-how that they generated in different business contexts, through a virtuous “contamination” process.

Q: What are the fundamentals on which you have built and are building your business strategy?
The starting point on which I started working was the definition of a “value proposition”, that is how to create value, through the understanding of the expressed and latent customers’ needs. In the light of this accurate analysis, we are going to develop a solution in which the customer identifies himself.

Another action that I considered important to undertake was to expand the commercial organization and distribute it with a direct territorial presence on particularly strategic geographical areas, hence the decision to open a branch in Milan.