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In order to consolidate its presence and expand further its business in the north of Italy, Mechinno opens a new office in Lombardia, a geographical area that has always been known as “Italy’s locomotive”, for its driving force in terms of economy and industrialization.

Mechinno Srl, a company founded in 2006, with its main headquarter in Calderara di Reno (BO), provider of services with high added value in design, engineering and prototyping for manufacturing companies, decided to extend its direct presence on territory opening a new office in Milan, with the objective of expand and boost its business in nothern Italy.

“Mechinno was born in Bologna and for obvious reasons our business developed focusing on the opportunities offered by this geographical area. Add the fact that, operating mostly in the automotive and motor sport sectors, the presence of our company in the “Motor Valley” represented an important strength to our advantage. Then, during the years, we progressively extended our services outside of our region, opening to new industrial sectors. Today we feel the need to gain a direct presence on a more extended territory” declared Fabio Di Martino, founder and CEO of Mechinno.

Actually, Mechinno has established its presence so far not only in the automotive sector but in the agriculture and industrial machinery too, for which it represents an important reference point. In a future perspective though, the Bologna’s company is gaining a certain interest in new industrial compartments, such as A&D and Energy, focusing on the electrification topic, by leveraging on specific skills and professionalism acquired during the years.

“Having a coverage distributed through such a strategic territory as the one of Northern Italy represents, from any point of view,  a must for a company like Mechinno that provides the market with high level skills and know-how. Milan is counted among the most important economic capitals in Europe, so our presence in this geographical area allows us to be active players in such a rich and prosperous industrial fabric”, has commented Vladimiro Ferrucci, Sales Director for Mechinno.

The new branch is in Milanofiori, Street 6, Building A, stair 13 at Assago, and has been operative since the 3rd of November of 2022.



Mechinno Srl

Mechinno was founded in 2006, giving shape to the project of the mechanical engineer, Fabio Di Martino.

Mechinno combines mechanic and innovation, aiming to offer a punctual and complete engineering and design consultancy service.

The focus is the mechanical innovation: from the concept to the prototype, Mechinno delivers solutions both as design supporter as in the turnkey projects.

The know-how, the technical skills and the flexibility, qualify Mechinno as an important strategic asset for projects in: automotive, motorsport, industrial machinery and agriculture areas.