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D: Eleonora, Mechinno actively takes part at different activities aimed to recruiting and talent scouting, often collaborating with academies, like the Career Days, in different Italian cities.

R: Mechinno is constantly looking for new young talents to add to its team! Having a chance to get to know potential candidates from outside our region, Emilia Romagna, it’s very important to us: the universities located on our territory don’t supply enough engineers to satisfy the companies demand. That’s the reason why extending to other universities gives us the possibility to get in touch with boys and girls that otherwise would have hardly had the chance to meet Mechinno and its business.
The appeal that sectors like automotive, industrial machinery and agriculture excercise on college graduates, and the strong specialization and passion that we dedicate to our job in Mechinno, create a great attractiveness.

D: During these initiatives, what kind of attitudes and inclinations do you encounter from students and graduates?

R: Guys are curious, they wish to test themselves in the work environment and put into practice all the knowledges acquired through the years. But, at the same time they are also very demanding and they consider carefully the company, its clients and its open positions. Lately, something that has become more and more game changing is the guarantee of the work life balance: smart work has become standard, and the new generation prefers those companies that ensure them the opportunity to combine job and free time.

D: Generally speaking, beyond the specific and hard skills of the single professional role figure, which characteristics and soft skills are you looking for in the candidates?

R: Soft skills play an increasingly fundamental role: if the technical skills can be somehow learned with time and the needed practice “on the field”, soft skills are characteristics of the individual instead. Curiosity, determination, perseverance, emotional intelligence, ability to work with the team and self-organisation are doubtlessly qualities that make the difference and that we research in every asset, both junior and senior.