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The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi came into being in 1921. Proudly producing for precisely a century, it is famous above all for its twin cylinders and ninety-degree V engines. It has always appealed deeply to countless loyal enthusiasts all over the world, who would never betray it with any other motorbike.Its iconic symbol is an eagle, evoking both aerodynamics and freedom… thereby summing up the company’s key values. 

Another vital feature that sets Guzzi apart from the rest is its inexhaustible passion for engines and their continuous improvement. A passion it has transmitted above all to its faithful supporters, the devoted Guzzi lovers.

Speaking of passion – especially for engines and innovation – brings us to Mechinno, a consultancy and mechanical design company which is increasingly supporting Moto Guzzi, even in its most prestigious projects.

Mechinno began collaborating with Moto Guzzi in 2018, supplying support resources to Guzzi’s technical department and its technical team. Ever since, the two companies have continued to jointly study and develop innovative and avant-garde technical solutions.

Initially, Mechinno supported Moto Guzzi in the industrialization phase of Guzzi V85’s metallic and plastic components.

During the first year, Mechinno worked alongside Guzzi’s designers to realize the Aprilia RS 660, especially planning and designing the fairing, cyclist part and vehicle system.

Aprila and Moto Guzzi are part of Piaggio Group and Mechinno has worked for both companies during 2018, the year, which has seen starting this successful collaboration.

During the last years, Mechinno has been working on several platforms, remarkable among them the everlastings Moto Guzzi V7 and Moto Guzzi V9.

On both the motorcycles, Mechinno has given its support on many phases of the project, starting from the concept to the mass production.

First off, Moto Guzzi’s engineers were flanked by Mechinno on the realization of conceptual and technical parts of inferior part of the motorcycle’s frame. Moreover, Mechinno has cooperated with technical direction to support them in defining the layout and many other particulars.

Machinno has shared its expertise also throughout the planning prototyping phase, especially focusing on the testing and calculations phases. its support has been crucial to make important modifications on the project development.

On the advanced stage of development, Mechinno consultants gave their support also in the industrialization phase of Guzzi V7 and Guzzi V9, principally on advance pre-series production.

During the above phase, Mechinno keeps communicating with experience, testing and calculations departments, with the aim to give its contribute to realize improvements and to set corrective actions  which will be applied in the last stage: the mass production.

Certainly, we can say, V7 and V9 platforms have been an important stage for Mechinno to show its capabilities in proving a 360 support on a vehicle.

This relationship of trust between Mechinno and the motorcycle manufacturer allowed the consulting company to give its help in many other activities for Moto Guzzi V85, such as completing and reviewing of several vehicle systems to adjust them to the Euro 5 regulations.

The Mechinno’ engineering consulting has gained trust and space within Piaggio Group thanks to its proven capabilities and expertise, and today we can count on a successful relationship leads by engine passion.