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An increase in quality and an acceleration of the development times of the new models are the result of an effective optimization of the phases of an entire project.

Argo Tractors is a family-run multinational that brings together three well-known brands in the world of “Agriculture” in the West: Landini, McCormick and Valpadana.

Mechinno began collaborating with Argo Tractors in 2018, when the customer felt the need to expand and optimize the design of the electrical circuitry.

Mechinno created a dedicated team, which works in close collaboration with the corresponding technical area of the customer that deals with the design of the wiring within the team that follows the development of specific projects.

Therefore, a double result was obtained: an increase in product quality and an acceleration of the development times of new models thanks to an optimization of the phases that make up the entire project.

The tasks assigned to the resources of Mechinno are highly specialized and include the 3D design of power lines, cable installation, positioning and assembly study and the calculation of overall dimensions.

Argo Tractors knows how to stimulate the commitment of our collaborators with design activities that require very in-depth technical skills and knowledge of the vehicle.

To date we are working on the standardization of power lines, so as to have the same components, connectors and interfaces for tractors of the same range.

An ambitious goal that allows Argo Tractors to cut time and costs and will make it even more competitive in its sector.

Lorenzo Girardi, Electrical Designer Manager for Argo Tractors, commented our collaboration as follows:

“I believe the collaboration that has been going on for some years between Argo Tractors and Mechinno is very fruitful.

We had a specific need related to increasing the design capacity on the 3D realization of electrical layouts for which we relied on an expert engineering company already rooted in the Agriculture sector.

By defining the layout of the electrical wiring in the initial stages of the project, the design activities can be optimized and parallelized, with the consequent reduction of changes before the definitive release of the electrical lines, significantly shortening the design time.

In recent years, various factors such as anti-pollution directives and new safety regulations have contributed to considerably increase the electrical and electronic complexity of tractors, so it was necessary to adopt new systems to overcome the challenges imposed by such a competitive market. ”

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