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“If I had to compare our work to a car, teamwork would undoubtedly be the fuel”

Hi Stefano, how did you find out about Mechinno? What immediately attracted you to this reality?

I learned about Mechinno through LinkedIn, and was contacted a few weeks after graduation.

What struck me immediately was the concreteness shown from the first contact: a company that offered me a training course aimed at guided insertion in an already well-established working context, with excellent growth potential.

For us who work in it every day it may seem obvious, but Mechinno represents the perfect link between the academic and the working world, or at least that’s what it represented for me.

It was love at first sight and I am very happy to be part of this reality despite all the obstacles we had to face in the last year.


This is your first work experience. What is your background and how do you evaluate the training through our T. E. A. M. academy? Was it useful?

The knowledge acquired during my studies in engineering represent the base of all the activities I carry out in the office. However, I’ve always had the feeling that it was a background that on its own wouldn’t have led me to become a mechanical designer.

From this point of view, the precise, direct, rapid and concrete training path offered by Mechinno has been the cornerstone of my career.


Tell us about your role, what do you do in Mechinno? What’s your typical day like?

I’ve had the opportunity to work for CNH Industrial and I immediately received all the tools to broaden my horizons and to adapt my professional figure according to the different work needs encountered.

This is why I can say that I deal with mechanical design all round: I followed the concept of new engineering solutions, starting from the preliminary assessments of the problem up to its complete resolution; I was able to learn all the processes that are the base of the management of the life cycle of a product and, in these days, I am dealing with the world of packaging, that is the analysis of the dimensions that allows us to establish whether all the designed pieces can be assembled and are compatible in an overview.

My days are all similar, but, at the same time, all different.

After a quick briefing with my contacts, we take the situation into account and we decide in which direction to move.

Then the fun part begins: I have to find the solution for all the questions that are submitted to me, and sometimes the most unthinkable and imaginative one turns out to be the winning one.

Every day represents an input to keep doing better.


What do you prefer about your role in Mechinno?

Since I’m a Mechanical Designer, I have the luck to experience my passions and personal interests every day.

Beyond this, my favourite thing about my work life is being part of a young and dynamic environment, in which I feel really appreciated, both by my colleagues and by my superiors.

I am always given maximum flexibility in all the activities I do and I have never had the feeling of having superiors, who I see more as mentors I can rely on in times of need.


What is it like to work with your team?

If I had to compare our work to a car, teamwork would undoubtedly be the fuel: you can drive the most powerful super car in the world, with a record-breaking engine and impeccable aerodynamics, but without propellant you are destined to remain stuck in the pits. .

With my colleagues and with our technical director, who I now consider more than just collaborators, there is a synergy and complicity that go beyond simple work.

We are always ready to give each other a hand, even when we need simple moral support, to be able to achieve the result.

Consider, by way of example, the fact that on some extraordinary occasions, when there was a deadline to be met or an activity to finish with the utmost urgency, some of us had to stay in the office beyond the usual working hours.

In those circumstances, and without any request being made, no member of the team has ever thought of leaving their position and the whole team didn’t hesitate to stay in the office to give their contribution: it is above all thanks to this spirit and this mentality that we were able to achieve results that would have been out of reach for the individual worker.


What are your aspirations for the future?

My priority is certainly to continue to grow professionally together with my team, to cut new goals together and reach the maximum of our potential.

With a view to future developments, one of my aspirations is certainly to deepen my skills and abilities more and more so that I can then return what was offered to me by Mechinno, continuing to actively provide my contribution to business growth. and, perhaps, putting all my experience at the service of the new recruits who will become part of our reality, in order to guide and support them in their integration into the world of work, just as it was done with me.