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Sidel, the Italian giant in Industrial Machinery, has been relying on Mechinno’s know-how since 2006.

Among the first customers of Mechinno relied on our engineering consultancy services we want to remember Sidel, giant of the Industrial Machinery sector, which, since 2006, has relied on the know-how of our resources, involving us more and more in challenging projects that require customization.

Sidel is one of the leaders in the supply of production lines and solutions for the packaging of beverages, foods, products for home and personal care.

With over 170 years of experience and 40,000 machines in 190 countries, it ranks among the Italian excellences of Industrial Machinery.

Mechinno, which offers consulting services to companies through its highly skilled engineering resources, works alongside Sidel to find punctual and customized solutions together.

During these years, our resources have supported Sidel both off-site, from the Mechinno Headquarters, and on-site, directly at the customer’s premises, where bottle washers and pasteurizers are produced.

In addition to working on standard projects, our mechanical designers and production specialists have distinguished themselves, supporting Sidel’s technical department, on projects that required ad-hoc modifications.

Below we mention the most significant, as well as the most challenging ones with D. Basso, Project Manager of Mechinno and Designer for Sidel for 11 years.

D. Basso remembered: “In 2019 we released the project of a classic Hydra bottle washer, customizing it with the inclusion of a module containing a corrosive acid.

Usually, the bottle washers are intended for producers of beverages such as beer or juices, while this customer, a famous Italian mineral water producer, needed to insert an acid additive into the bottle washer suitable for cleaning the bottles intended for the new filling of mineral water.

A similar project had never been developed in Italy and required extreme precision as the corrosive acid for cleaning the glass could not contaminate the other modules that made up the machine. ”

Customer needs all have their own peculiarities, but some may be more complex than others: “We released another project completely tailored to customer needs last year, when a customer in Asia requested the order for an extremely fast loading bottle washer.” continued D. Basso: “On average, a bottle washer loads between 60,000 and 70,000 bottles per hour, while in this case a load was required for a production of 100,000 bottles per hour.

To meet the customer’s needs, Sidel and the Mechinno consultants renewed a classic bottle washer project by adapting the machine parameters so that they could support a larger footprint, but maintaining the line structure as per standard project.

A job successfully completed, but which required a lot of resources to get to the solution of the problem.”

Lastly, we conclude with the changes made on a Swing pasteurizer requested by a famous Belgian brewery.

“Usually each drink has its own pasteurizer, as this thermal recovery process differs according to the type of liquid” D. Basso said. “The pasteurizer contains an internal tank for the water that will be sprayed on top of sealed bottles, at the temperature established on the basis of the product contained in the bottles.

In this case, the customer required a single pasteurizer for two different products, so Sidel, together with our mechanical designers, configured a totally ad-hoc pasteurizing machine, with the ingenious addition of an external tank to the machine itself intended for the pasteurization process for the second product.

A job that proved to be of millimetre precision as the machinery had to be added to the production line of the customer’s factory which was already in operation. ”

Each project brings with it its own difficulties of realization, but the Project Manager D. Basso assured us: “Here at Sidel the Mechinno consultants team up to face the challenging requests”, confirming that the training in Mechinno and the skills of our resources are able to merge with those of the customer, enhancing their know-how and operations.