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Rapid prototyping is a new service from Mechinno, and it’s also a bet that we have been able to support and win.

Thanks to the technical reliability that Mechinno has shown over the years, we have won the trust of important highly engineered companies, including one of the largest Italian companies that dominates the Emilia-Romagna Packaging Valley.

The customer’s request was to create a prototype of a semiautomatic taping machine that, regardless of the size of the boxes, could automatically adapt its structure.

Only the insertion of the box on the production line had to remain manual and under the responsibility of an operator.

Mechinno therefore proposed itself as a supplier of turnkey design services and started from the analysis of existing materials to rationalize the product range.

We installed sensors to detect the size and positioning of the box and actuators which, with compressed air, regulate the structure of the taping machine.

After the drawing release phase, we moved on to prototyping, which ended with the assembly of the carry over components supplied by the customer together with the new ones defined by Mechinno.

In just four months we arrived at the final testing of the semiautomatic taping machine, the result of the combination of the mechanics of Mechinno with the customer’s PLC software.

The prototype has satisfied the customer’s requests to the point that it is currently in the production phase and opens Mechinno’s doors to the world of prototyping.